Simmental Cattle

Current herd sire :- Clonagh Eclipse Truly

Selection is entirely based on the consistency of producing profitable beef.

Fertility :- A cow must produce a calf every 12 months in a tight 9 week calving period.

Calving Ease :- Heifers and Cows to calve unassisted and have natural mothering instincts.

Lactation :- To provide enough milk to rear a calf to a good weaning weight on limited creep feed

Growth Rate:- Calves to have a high and consistent growth rate, relative to feeding regimes.

Conformation:- Yearling bulls are expected to fall into the U4L carcase classification.

Temperament :- Poorly behaved animals are quickly culled from the herd

Locomotion :- Breeding animals must be correct in their structure and movement.

Health :- A high health status is maintained within the herd.

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Raceview Frisky Vivian with her Clonagh Eclipse Truly sired first calf